Forests for carbon.

For trees, for soil, for science.
For future generations.
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We are the only UK charity funding large scale field trials on carbon sequestration in trees and soil. Sign up for the latest news.

Trees and Carbon.

Forest restoration continues to be one of the best available tools in the fight against the climate emergency.

Forests sequester carbon in both trees and soil, creating ecosystems where biodiversity thrives above and below the ground. Spaces for wildlife, and places that will restore balance to humanity and the climate. At The Carbon

Community we believe we need forests for carbon and so much more. 
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Trees and Science.

The Carbon Community started with a question, ‘How do you maximise the carbon sequestered in a forest?’

This led to discussions with leading experts. Conversations that have helped create our mission: to create forests and accelerate carbon removal with breakthrough science.

Our first project, funding primary scientific research in trees and soil, is launching in March 2021.
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Trees and Soil.

More than half the carbon locked in a forest is below the ground. Soil biodiversity and the forest microbiome play a critical role in forest health which is particularly important in forest restoration projects.

A forest is more than the trees. It is the trees, the soil and the biodiversity that they support. Together they capture carbon for generations. 
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“Forest restoration is the most effective carbon drawdown solution available today. If we act now this could cut carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to levels last seen almost a century ago.”

Professor Tom Crowther
of the ETH Zurich University in The Guardian
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