Work alongside us, for our planet.

Big or small, any contribution of your help is valuable. If you're interested in helping please tell us a little about yourself and we'll contact you when we have volunteering opportunities you might be interested in! Volunteering opportunities range from tree planting, to footpath creation and maintenance, through to fundraising, writing, translating and supporting us on social media.

We also run community science volunteering activities where you can get involved in tagging and cataloguing trees, and collecting data for environmental scientists. We also ask you to share your location, because some activities are done more easily by those living locally, and ask about your background because if you have a scientific background you may be able to help supervise citizen science.

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Great fieldwork experience for science students

For science students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, volunteering presents a unique opportunity to get some fieldwork experience in a major carbon sequestration study, and gain valuable skills that employers are looking for. Dr Bonnie Waring of Imperial College and Dr Iain Robertson of Swansea University talk about the opportunity for students to get involved in this short video:

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