The Big Tree Measure 2022

On the 6th of October we set out to measure the 6,400 individual trees in our landmark carbon sequestration study in only 8 days.

We recorded a short video with Dr Bonnie Waring and Lena Lancastle of Imperial College who talk about what this massive measurement effort means to them and to science.

Please click on the image to watch the video

A total of 100 people contributed more than 150 volunteer days to deliver our Big Tree Measure 2022, and on the 8th day we had measured all 6,400 trees and done a comprehensive data clean up.

On behalf of all of us at The Carbon Community, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who gave their time in all weathers to help us achieve this enormous target. Without you we cannot do this – and yet it is critical data on which environmental scientists will rely for years to come.

Our supervisors also gave their time willingly and repeatedly over the 8 days to ensure the quality of the data captured and to help volunteers in the field – thank you in particular. You always had a smile and helping hand for everyone despite the variable weather!

A big shout out to all the individuals who helped us measure trees and the organizations that supported us by volunteering including:

Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership


Imperial College

National Resources Wales

Oxford University



Size of Wales

Swansea University

The Future Generations Commission

The Heart of Wales Line Trail

Tilhill Forestry


During the 8 days more than 400 cups of tea and coffee were drunk, 160 of our famous flapjacks were consumed and litres of soup and Dahl. A big thank you also goes to The Bear and La Patisserie in Llandovery who supplied the fantastic food.

It was hard work. But it was fun too.

During the 8 days several first-time volunteers came back, brought other people along with them or told their friends about it who then came along in turn. It’s difficult to put into words the exact formula of why measuring these trees is so satisfying, but from what you’ve told us it is multidimensional. It’s about making a personal contribution to climate science, reconnecting with nature and getting outside, meeting other people and socializing, learning new skills and about the science and enjoying a beautiful place with spectacular scenery.  Whatever the formula, we hope you all enjoyed it - we loved having you onsite and totally depend on your help.

It was also a perfect demonstration of how people power can accelerate scientific research into finding solutions for the climate emergency.  

Thank you.