The Carbon Community to establish the Glandwr Forest

At The Carbon Community, we believe that a forest is so much more than the trees, it is the trees, the soil and the biodiversity that they support. We are delighted to announce the creation of the Glandwr Forest, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

The Glandwr Forest will become a significant new broadleaf forest. Over two phases we plan to plant approximately 100,000 trees on this site which is estimated to sequester just over 15,000 tonnes of CO2. While not (yet) a forest, this beautiful site is approximately 170 acres (70 hectares) including some fine views over rolling countryside with a majestic viaduct straddling the valley below, looking out towards the Brecon Beacons and beyond.  

The UK Government is aiming to plant 300,000 hectares of trees as part of its climate restoration commitments of similar land. The site has, several areas of existing woodland, wetland, and a small area of ancient woodland. There are also some magnificent specimen trees including beech and in particular oak, one of which is estimated at approximately 300 years old.  

Bordered by a stream, which inspired the name Glandwr, ‘water’s bank’, the land supports a lot of nature – we’ve seen recently onsite Red Kites, Hares, Mink and even a Red Squirrel. Our planting plans will be aiming to encourage biodiversity and support local wildlife, connecting existing wildlife corridors.

Recently we’ve hosted some amazing volunteers onsite – a BIG thank you to you all – there are always plenty of important things to do. As we get into our first phase of tree planting, we will need volunteer citizen scientists to help us to catalogue trees. If you’re interested in getting involved please let us know – we’ll then contact you about volunteering and citizen science opportunities. All volunteer opportunities follow local Covid guidelines.

Why Wales?

In looking for a site, we were seeking a combination of factors that make Wales, the Brecon Beacon area, and this site particularly suitable:

Climate – Wales is relatively warm and wet, and using climate models to predict what happens under several different global warming scenarios, it is very suitable for growing trees and forest restoration.

Access – many sites are so remote that it’s hard to access them. Glandwr Forest is accessible by public transport, and easily accessible from all of the South and Midlands of the UK as well as locally within Wales. Access is important so that people can get involved.

Getting people involved - part of our mission is to educate. There’s no better way to do this that to invite people to get involved in climate restoration projects. The Glandwr Forest will also be the site of our first scientific project, which is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in environment science.

For generations – this one is just more intangible, but we also look for the ‘something special’ which makes the site standout. The Glandwr Forest will both capture carbon and create a place of beauty for future generations.

The short video below will give you a quick taste of what the site looks like now, staked out ready for planting, and we hope you agree this is a special place.