The Tipping Point For The Environment

World Environment Day 2020.  

World Environment Day in the Covid19 pandemic.

World Environment Day in the middle of protests against racial injustice, against the killing of George Floyd.

World Environment Day as we reach a tipping point in our response to the climate emergency.

World Environment Day 2020 must be the year of change. The situation is urgent.  All solutions are needed. To tackle the climate emergency, the world needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions and capture carbon from the atmosphere.

Forest restoration is one of the best solutions available today to help capture carbon at scale. As a charity dedicated to carbon capture, we started with a question. How do you maximise carbon capture in a forest?’ This led to many discussions and much debate with woodland experts, government organisations and leading scientists. Conversations that helped shape our mission: to double carbon capture in trees and soil, with breakthrough science.

As we work towards the launch of our first project in Autumn 2020. We are committed to sharing our findings as widely as possible to increase carbon capture in our own projects and beyond.

We are in a climate emergency. We are out of balance with nature. Trees are important, but they will not be enough. Carbon emissions must be reduced, biodiversity must be restored, climate mitigation efforts must be put in place. But we must do more, the climate crisis is unjust. It will disproportionately impact poorer communities and those communities are more likely to be from Black, Asian and Minor Ethnic background. Black lives matter. Our collective response to the climate emergency must address this.  

As a charity we have much to learn about climate justice.  We are committed to this.  We are committed to capturing carbon. We believe that World Environment Day 2020 can be the tipping point for a fairer, greener world.