Time to get growing

The rolling hills of the Glandwr Forest sit on a 170 acre site on what centuries ago would have been woodland. This year, young tree seedlings will be planted to return over 100,000 trees to the hillside, sensitive grasslands will be protected, and interconnected trails will be woven into a path for future generations to enjoy.

The news we have been waiting for has finally arrived with the approval from Natural Resources Wales of our Glastir Woodland Creation Grant. This grant is a huge boost to The Carbon Community and covers an area of almost two-thirds of the Glandwr Forest. It will help us to finance the planting and critically the maintenance of the trees for the next twelve years. After a long wait, it is now time to get growing!

The woodland will be planted with Oak, Silver Birch, Hazel, Rowan, Alder, Aspen, Wild Cherry, Holly, Wych Elm, Goat Willow and other native species planned carefully across the landscape.

Nestled within the forest will be The Carbon Community’s carbon sequestration study. For some time now we have been saying ‘stayed tuned’ for our first scientific field-trial, and now for the final time, ‘stay tuned’ for more information on this later in May. This landmark study focused on carbon sequestration involves research grants and lots of extra ground-prep, with the Glastir funding helping to reduce the overall costs. ‘Coming soon’, there will be an opportunity to specifically support one of the science trees or even a group of trees involved in this study.

In addition to the funding from the Glastir program, your generous donations will help us add even more trees to the forest and enable important scientific research into carbon sequestration. Once all the trees are in the field, we will breathe a deep sigh of relief and delight.

All of this has taken much longer than we had planned, as a new organisation we are so grateful for your support, input, and advice. Thank you for your patience.

Now, it is time to get growing.