Watch: University of Oxford start biodiversity study at The Carbon Community

A team of biologists led by Dr Emily Warner, from the Nature-based Solutions Initiative at the University of Oxford, has just started an invertebrate biodiversity study at the Glandwr Forest. The month-long study will focus on understanding the biodiversity outcomes of the different woodland creation methods used by The Carbon Community at Glandwr.

Emily commented “This is an amazing opportunity to build on an established, really well-designed experiment with lots of replicates, which is rare to find.  It’s really exciting to be able to explore how different woodland types impact biodiversity and how below-ground and above-ground communities of invertebrates respond to the soil microbiome and enhanced weathering treatments.”

Watch the full video of Emily talking about the project

This research is part of an Agile Initiative sprint on scaling up Nature-based Solutions in the UK

Find out more about the work of the Nature-based Solutions Initiative here: