Why a Carbon Community?

The Carbon Community is a Charity dedicated to carbon capture. But it’s also a movement - it’s about all of us, coming together to reduce CO2 in the air. It’s about you and me, together with a few companies collectively making a difference.

We know that the planet needs help. There is too much CO2 in the atmosphere, and as a result the planet is heating up.

We’re in trouble.

​We want to make a difference, and given that you’re here on this page, you probably do too.

We are frustrated by inactivity by politicians given the urgency of the situation and have decided to take action – by planting trees at scale.

​Of course any one can plant trees (and we encourage you to do so) but to do it at scale in a way that is optimized for carbon capture is not so simple. You may not have the know-how or the space, (if you have space please contact us and we’d be delighted to advise you how to maximize carbon capture).

At The Carbon Community, our mission is to make it simple for everyone to help plant trees at scale. We’ll provide the land, the technical expertise, maintenance, comply with regulations and make sure that your trees are safely capturing CO2 from the atmosphere for generations to come. By owning our own land, within a charity structure, we can ensure that every tree planted is there for one reason alone: to capture CO2 from the air.

​Plant a tree, plant a wood, plant a forest with us. Every little helps, and as a 100% volunteer unpaid movement we will stretch your donations as far as possible to maximize CO2 capture.